Friday, June 24, 2011

Super crazy excited

On the agenda this weekend:
I am super-crazy excited about one of those items in particular -- can you guess which?!

Wishing you a lovely first weekend of summer!


  1. They have Amorino in NYC?! I've had it in Paris - so jealous!

  2. Katie, it just opened a few weeks ago! I'm so excited to go.

  3. All wonderful itinerary items! Amorino is amazing - we saw several locations in Paris but never visited the lure of Berthillon was always too strong) until it opened here, and we went right away! Definitely include the spekuloos flavor in your selection!

    Let me know how sockerbit is - I bopped in once but didn't buy anything!

  4. is that what the empire state of mind looks like?? :)
    Ha I hope you have a wonder time exploring and enjoying NY. Flower Shaped gelato is the BEST! To get it you have to get 2 different flavors!

  5. Kate, Sockerbit was so fun! Delicious candy - worth purchasing a bag if you like gummies.

    Anna, this gelato place was extra fun because you can get as many flavors as you want!


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