Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quite charming

(Waiting in the rain...)

A recurring theme in my stories these days seems to be that we go out in NYC, and then it pours!

Last night we headed to Prospect Park for the Decemberists concert. When we walked out of our apartment, it was just a few tiny drops. Nothing! On the bus, it started to get a little heavier. By the time we walked into the band shell, my hair was soaking wet and my shoes were squeaking.

We took cover under a tree and twenty minutes into the show, the sky cleared and a giant moon rose behind us. And then we got to hear lots of fun Decemberists' songs!

Those guys are quite charming. I'm always really surprised when I find myself liking music that's not featured on Jonathan Schwartz's American Songbook, but there it is, guys. Feeling slightly more hip than I did yesterday.


  1. Julie, without fail, every time we host a party at our apartment there's inclement weather, either snow or rain. Glad you had fun! Even if you had squeaky shoes.

  2. Bryn, that's so funny! Hopefully the next get-together will be sunny and lovely.


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