Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It was impressive

Last night we headed to the west side of Manhattan and sat on a blanket playing cards and Trivial Pursuit with friends, waiting for the show to start. The sky went from yellow to tan to hot pink before it started getting dark.

One of the reasons we decided to get married near the Fourth of July was because anniversary celebrations would always involve fireworks. I love fireworks. But last night, the crowd we were surrounded by was ooh-ing and ahh-ing so much, Peter said that I might not have been the most enthusiastic viewer. I was being matched by these people!

While everyone was calling out their favorites and chatting about awesome new shapes, I felt strangely proud to be in a large group of people that allowed themselves to get so excited. They gave themselves full permission to be impressed.

It's so easy to just slog through, ignoring all the magical stuff, or pretending it wasn't actually all that cool after all. Fireworks aren't going to be blasting off over the water every night, but I think I'd like to live my life like they are a bit more often.


  1. so fun! and so true - it's easy to get caught up in all there is to *do* it's so wonderful when we can just *be* and enjoy!

  2. we missed the fireworks show this year, but sounds like your experience was great!

  3. Brie, I love how good you are at reminding me of that!

    Melissa, sad! Maybe there will more later this summer?

  4. I love fireworks too! That is a beautiful image.


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