Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School Feast Menus

  (via Life)

The school year is fast approaching. It's time for our annual end of summer celebration dinner! These are the menus I put together for Peter to chose from. I thought I'd share just in case you need a few late summer dinners in your back pocket!

Option 1: 
Option 2: 
Option 3:
Which would you chose?! I think I might just have to make them all in the next few weeks. Who wants to come over for dinner?


      1. Me! I want to come for dinner! Though it's probably not a good idea to travel when Peanut may arrive any day. But, seriously, all of these menus look divine. Peter is a lucky man! Enjoy.

      2. I do! I do! :) These menus all sound divine. I'll definitely have to try some of the recipes!

      3. I love your End of Summer Celebration dinners, Julie. I'd be all over option 2!

        Hope Peter is enjoying his new school!

      4. I definitely want to come over for dinner! They all sound yummy...

      5. i'm a total sucker for a gratin - so there goes my vote. plus you added scallops, which just isn't fair.

      6. I wish you could all come over for dinner! That would be so fun.

      7. How could I ever choose!?!

        I only wish we were closer to come over for one of these yummy meals with you two.


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