Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NYC: Park Slope favorites

We lived on the Upper West Side in Manhattan for our first year as New Yorkers, but Park Slope was our home for the following years. This final list in the NYC series is a collection of favorite spots close to our former home.

Al Di La: This place presented a major obstacle when facing off against our NYC to-do list. Instead of going to new places, we kept going back to Al Di La. Every time, I'd think, "It can't possibly be as good as I remember." And it was always way better.

Bergen Bagel: This was our go-to spot to grab a bag of bagels to bring to hosts when we headed out of town.

Boat House in Prospect Park: The Boat House was a bit of a hike from our old apartment, but it was through those very wild sections of the park that make you feel like you're really in the woods. And then, you emerge at the darling boat house! With ducks and a patio and a weird museum exhibit upstairs! 

Brooklyn Larder: They are always so generous with cheese samples, so be indecisive! You'll just have to trust me on the cured meats, prepared salads, fancy candy, and awesome hot sauce.

Convivium: The meat and cheese platter here is crazy good, and large enough to be meal in itself (throw in a salad and some huge green olives and you'll be a happy camper!).

Flatbush Farm: This was a favorite Friday night spot when we were both sort of puddles after the week came to a close. I loved their version of a dark and stormy, and the burger and fries are super. 

Park Slope Farmer's Market: Open on Sundays on Fifth Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. This market is much smaller than the Grand Army Plaza market on Saturdays, but that's part of the appeal. The baked goods stall is fantastic -- they even sell delicious gluten-free scones and muffins!

Taro Sushi: This is a really great neighborhood sushi place to have. I'm not saying it's necessarily worth the trip from another part of the city, but we absolutely loved having it just around the corner. It's really fresh and fast and reasonable.

Thanks so much for letting me babble about NYC favorites these last few weeks! I had so much fun thinking about all the wonderful things we ate there :)


  1. We love Bergen bagels! (Did you ever try A.R.E.A. around the corner? I'm dubious.) Convivium is on our list; you're right, Al Di La is great (and pretty reasonably priced!). There's a new Taim-like falafel place on Dean, and did you make it to Ample Hills before you left? Technically it's not Park Slope (but it is on St. Marks, at Vanderbilt). Oh my goodness, they have the best ice cream ever!

    Curious about your take on Stone Park Cafe. We went for drinks and dessert the other night and everyone else's food looked great. Had you ever been?

  2. Kate, we never went to AREA because Bergen was so awesome. Why mess with a great thing, right?

    We walked over to Ample Hill on the Monday night before we moved, and it was closed! I'm still sad about it.

    I always heard Stone Park was a great brunch spot, but I never went. A girlfriend of mine raves about their cheesy grits!


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