Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewing project: Cheap, easy drapes

 My living room windows have been naked since we moved in more than a month ago, so when I saw an article in Fresh Home Ideas that featured drapes made out of sheets, the wheels in my brain started turning.

I picked up a set of Queen sized sheets at Macys for the project.  The article said low thread-count sheets worked best, so I bought 200s (added bonus that low thread count sheets are always cheaper!). The flat sheets were 90 inches long and 102 inches wide. The 90 inches side was just long enough to touch my floor. I was able to get four panels from the flat sheet since each one was 50 inches wide (I wanted to make each panel as wide as my window so I would end up with drapes twice as wide when both panels are up).

The fitted sheet was a little trickier to work with since I had to take out the elastic first. Once that was done, though, I just cut them down to size (50 inches by 90 inches) and hemmed all sides. For the top part that goes through the curtain rod, I just eye balled it and made a pocket about 1 1/2 inches down since my rods were pretty thin. (I'm a far cry from a perfectionist - this is just one of many examples!).

Even after making six drape panels, I still had two pillow cases and a lot of fitted sheet material left over. I followed Elizabeth's amazing tutorial detailing how to make a bow pillow cover, and also a valance for my entry way (right off of the living room). Isn't that pillow adorable? I want to make one for every room in my house!  

I have to brag just because I'm so proud of the thrift: the sheets were $45, and I got three sets of drapes, a valance and a cute pillow. Pretty good, right?

P.S. Pictures upgraded thanks to my sister's fancy camera!


  1. Go Julie! :) Those look great! I need to learn how to sew...

  2. Way to go, my friend! This is fantastic! $45 for all of those pieces is such a great deal (plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing you did it your self)!

  3. ummm - you are my hero because a) you made drapes and b) you've solved a decorating on a budget issue for me! we also have bare windows...and they need something easy and cheap - merci beaucoup!

  4. love this! I am super impressed!

  5. Thanks so much, everyone! They are super easy, I know all you crafty ladies could totally handle it :)

  6. I am very impressed. You are going to take over for Martha one day.


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