Thursday, October 13, 2011

Late to the party

A short list of fun things I've only recently discovered (though I realize that you probably hopped on board with these long ago...).

This song, in particular, has been on serious rotation in our house. You should see my dance moves when she starts to sing about running fast! Pretty impressive.

Happy Thursday to all!


  1. I LOVE Downton Abbey. So, so good. Can't wait for the second season this winter!

  2. Yay for skinny belts! It took me a minute to catch on to skinny belts, too.

  3. I really like Florence & the Machine too!

  4. it's ok - we'll welcome you, 'fashionably late' and all. and oh my word. downton abbey is something of an obsession over here in the uk. we love it.

  5. Katie and Brie, it's just such a good show! I can't wait for the second season, either.

    Janet, I'm wearing one today! So happy I came over the skinny belt wearing side :)

    Melissa, so happy you love her, too! It's perfect happy music.

  6. I love all of these things -- but mostly I love the idea of you and Peter rocking out to The Dog Days Are Over in your apartment; definitely one of my faves for dancing around like a maniac.


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