Friday, December 9, 2011

I once had awkwardly short bangs (+ weekend plans)

When I was about this age, my mom decided to cut my bangs herself. She sat me down on the bathroom vanity, and just as she put the scissors up to forehead to make a cut, I abruptly turned my head to the side. Eventually I ended up with even - extremely short - bangs. I don't have actual memories of this event, just photographic evidence of the damage. My mom decided to keep a scheduled appointment for professional photographs soon after (?!) so we have a slew of photos of me dressed like Raggedy Ann while sporting my short bangs. 

Moving on! 

This weekend we are seeing a few different sets of friends, and it has me all sorts of excited. For dinner one night, I think my menu will be: 
We might also see a movie or try this fun looking new spot (please ignore the admittedly questionable name). 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Also, if you have any awkward childhood hair stories, I would be thrilled to hear :) 


  1. so one year i played hairdresser with both my hair and my sister's! as you can imagine, a six year old cutting hair isn't quite stylish ;)

  2. Brie, that is too funny! I never talked my little sister into letting me cut her hair, but I did a number on my Barbies and dolls :)


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