Thursday, December 1, 2011

Night of nothingness

(Fake sick person Pho)

Last night I found myself flirting with the idea of getting sick. Not really ill, but you know. Just a touch of something. Enough to warrant an evening of reading and drinking tea and watching Law and Order (SVU, obviously, the most superior version).

I was trying to find a reason for my lack of pep. Why, I asked myself, did it not sound appealing to dust and clean the bathroom and then whip up a Christmas tree skirt? If you can believe it, these all usually sway me into productivity.

It was slightly disturbing that I thought I needed to catch a cold in order to have night of nothingness. I mended this insanity and gave myself a sick night (minus the germs). I cruised through a stack of New Yorkers and made the most deliciously simple Pho for dinner. It was so good, and I feel on the mend already.


  1. I'm so glad you got in a night of relaxing! We all need those nights...

    Out of curiosity is your husband like to keep busy like you?

  2. I've been flirting with a sick day/night as well - I know what you mean! Tonight will be my night to relax. I'm SO looking forward to it.

  3. Melissa, so funny you ask that! I almost wrote in the post that Peter definitely does not share this over-active tendency with me. He is a world-class relaxer. I should copy him more often!

    Katie, good for you. Enjoy it!


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