Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grace in small things: Winter edition

  • Winter flowers (get yourself a $5 amaryllis bulb from Target or the like and you'll have huge, gorgeous blooms like this for a few weeks!)
  • Planning a sweet gesture for Valentine's Day 
  • Talking about all the rides we definitely want to go on during our upcoming Disney trip
  • Watching the days grow a little bit longer
  • Looking forward to making (and eating!) a fancy pizza for dinner
What little things are you celebrating on this chilly Wednesday? 


  1. Upcoming trip to Disney?! YAY!!

  2. How gorgeous is that amaryllis bloom?! Looks like you have so many fun things going on.

  3. Sam, yes! February vacation. Double yay!

    Ashley, isn't that pretty?! I can't keep gorgeous orchids alive like you can - bulbs are harder for me to mess up!


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