Friday, January 13, 2012

Pretend shopping: Bedroom edition

1. Everyday Percale Bedding 2. Pink glass lamp base 3. Cottage iron bed 4. White and Natural Big Fat Stripes Pillow 5. Cable-knit Euro shams 6. Animal locomotion

I haven't shown you our bedroom yet since it's still a work in progress. I picked up a headboard similar to the one above for a song on craigslist, and have a pair of cute pale pink lamps on the nightstands. But the room still needs a few finishing touches!

I like bedrooms to be very calm and pretty. We have a fantastic down comforter, but I'd like to get a duvet cover for it so it doesn't look so naked :) I love the first one in the top picture, it's called "Tempest" on the website. And those cable knit shams! So cozy looking, right? Not sure how I'll like them come summer, but right now, they are really appealing. 

For artwork, I have our anniversary painting up, and an antique map of Martha's Vineyard, but I think the room might be leaning a little too far into pastel territory. A black and white photo could be a good contrast, though I'm not usually drawn to that sort of thing. 

Something about chilly winter weather makes me want to spruce up the bedroom! Any tips or suggestions for me?

Happy weekend to you all! As a totally random aside, today is my half birthday - Friday, January 13. In six months it will be my real birthday - Friday, July 13. Cool, right? Good think I think Friday the 13th is a very lucky day!


  1. happy half birthday - you might be pleased to know that we celebrated my sister's half birthday with half a cake!


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