Friday, January 6, 2012

Paris Planning: The Reading List

I'm going to start a (likely irregular) feature on Paris planning for our upcoming vacation. I hope you'll enjoy it! 

First up is my reading list. I've already read The Paris Wife and From Paris to the Moon, and heartily recommend them both. Beyond guidebooks, which I certainly rely on for planning purposes, I love reading about a place I'm going to visit through fiction and memoir and history books. And there's certainly no shortage of wonderful books set in Paris and France! Any recommendations for me to add?

P.S. Idlewood, a great travel store in NYC, will put together bundles of books in different genres for destinations all over the world. Such a great idea (and a lovely gift!). 


  1. Definitely add The Sweet Life in Paris, David Lebovitz's collection of essays about living there as an expat. (His blog, in addition to being full of delicious dessert recipes, has some great tips about visiting Paris - where to find free wifi, what to bring back from your trip, etc.

  2. Kate, I love DL's website so much! Tons of fantastic information on Paris there. I will definitely check out his book - it fell off my radar screen!

  3. Oh, those first three books are must-reads. I particularly love A Moveable Feast - I read it in Paris, once. Lovely.

    I wrote a whole post on travel memoirs set in Paris: Enjoy!


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