Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Year of Enjoy

Last year, much of our time was spent preparing for our move, packing up and settling into our new apartment, and then adjusting to our surroundings (including new jobs for both Peter and me).

In 2012, I want to just enjoy everything! Here's my loose plan:

Cooking enjoyment: 
Friendship enjoyment: 
  • Continue to build up friendships in our new city, hosting or meeting people out and about at least a few times a month.
  • Join a book club. I desperately miss my NYC book club, and I hope to find one here (or start a new group!). Boston ladies, any takers?! I will come bearing treats and a large supply of wine!
Travel enjoyment:
  • Florida in February.
  • Paris in April.
  • Martha's Vineyard in August. 
  • At least two local-ish weekend trips.
And finally, very adult-like, financial enjoyment: 
  • We've been saving up for a house for over a year, and still have a long way to go. Luckily, I take an absurd amount of pleasure from transferring money into the savings account. I want to keep our momentum going and watch our down payment swell up!
Anyone else trying to embrace a year of pleasure? I'd love some company :)


  1. Oh, sweet girl, we should talk. I've been longing for a book club. Let's start one!

    I love your "year of enjoy" theme. I'm still trying to find my word for 2012 but this sounds like a great one!

  2. Julie, sounds like a great plan for the year and Yeah! for the new camera :)

    I'd love to join a local book club but have yet to hear of one or be invited - you should move here! ;)

  3. Katie, I am super excited about this!

    Melissa, that would be so fun! It's sort of scary to think about starting one up, but I think you should totally start an Oklahoma one!


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