Monday, February 13, 2012

Crafty February: Felt Ball Garland

Last week was a crafty February fail. First, homemade ricotta came out like a bowl of cooked milk (ew). Then my fabric covered box project turned into a lumpy mess (boo). So! I am showing you this felt ball garland.

I whipped this up in under twenty minutes. I've had a bag of little felt balls for a long time. I picked out the pastel colors and stung them together using embroidery floss and a big embroidery needle. It will probably go on my Easter tree in a few weeks, but for not, it's strung up on the mantle.

Have you ever made ricotta at home? I'm tempted to try again if anyone has a recipe they've used with good results!


  1. So cute! Keep at your projects--maybe a second try is just what you need.

    Happy Valentine's Day, my dear!

    1. Happy Valentine's Day to you! And such good advice - I actually re-attempted ricotta last night and it came out beautifully! I'm going to post it next week :)


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