Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The lucky lady

Last night Peter came through the door with a bunch of flowers. He thought it would be more of a surprise yesterday. It was! 

While in the flower section of the grocery store, he ran into one of his students buying roses. When he told me about it at dinner I was all, "Does he have a girlfriend?! Or does he just have a crush on someone and he's going to surprise her with the flowers? I wonder if she likes him back...Oh my gosh, I hope so. That would be so embarrassing if she doesn't. Or maybe they're for his mom!"

Unfortunately, none of my questions were answers. If I was a teacher, I would be (maybe a bit too) invested in my student's relationships. Peter takes the opposite (probably more healthy) approach. Anyways, I sure hope the lucky lady appreciates those flowers!

I wish you all have a very happy Valentine's Day! Tonight I'm picking up some lobsters and throwing this together to go with. Usually I'm most excited about dessert, but I'm drawing a blank this year. Are you baking anything special for your sweetheart?


  1. we're having steak and blue cheese potatoes a la the kitchn - but i am wimping out on dessert and on lunch bought some ready-made souffle pots...:)

    1. Brie, that sounds amazing! I'm thinking about doing the bakery thing, too :) We'll see how the day (and my motivation!) progresses!

  2. lobsters! a special meal for sure.

  3. i love me a surprise bouquet of flowers - always a sweet gesture! happy valentines day! lobster sounds FANTASTIC :)

  4. Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day! xx


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