Monday, March 19, 2012

House Tour: Living Room

Our living room! Sharing this one makes me a little nervous for some reason. I think because for a long time I wasn't totally sold on it myself. This room has been re-arranged four or five times - and we've only lived here for eight months!

The things that I love about the room also posed some problems. Double french doors that lead to our front door, a big mantle with built in shelves, a double open door into the dining room, and five windows! Lots of big things to take into account, and no solid walls to arrange furniture around.

I'm sure things will continue to evolve and change, but for now, I'm really happy with it. I love that we easily have seating for six. And my mom and sister will roll their eyes at this, but I also love the amount of pattern I was brave enough to mix in. They're pattern junkies, so this is pretty tame to them, but floral + fish pillows + geometrics is pretty big time for me!

While I was snapping pictures, I thought I'd take one of the entryway, too, which is through the french doors next to the couch. 

I've heard this advice before, but taking pictures of your own home is eye-opening. You see things on the screen that you don't notice in real life, like that white cord going across the floor in one corner of the room. I also had a brown paper grocery bag by my mantle for months (!) that held kindling and newspapers for fires. So ugly! Now it's on the hall closet instead. I re-shot the photos where it was visible, in case you're looking for it!

One last thing to mention. This pretend shopping living room post is one my most popular (very relative term here on Fresh Basil!). I think people come to it while searching for information on the Chloe sofa.We haven't had it very long, but I highly recommend it! It isn't huge, which is great for apartments and smaller living rooms. It's gotten a few spills (including baby puke, ew), and everything just wipes right off. I couldn't be happier with it!


  1. Wow, Julie!!! I'm so impressed. It is beautiful! Apartment Therapy should come do a tour of your home!

  2. Love it! So soothing and chic! Pat yourslef on the back for this, lady! :)

  3. It looks awesome!! Way to go, Julie!!

  4. Looks great Julie! Its so bright & cheery, nice work :)

  5. Julie, your living room is soooo lovely! No need to be nervous, really. And I'm still crazy about your reupholstered chairs, which are so fun and add such a lively touch to the room.

  6. Wow, you've rearranged since I was there! :) I love that room, though. The built-in bookshelves, the fireplace, and those lovely chairs. Tres chic!

  7. Stunning! It looks like something in the pages of a decorating magazine or something posted on a blog with an interior design focus!


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