Monday, March 5, 2012

Kid Stuff

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This winter has been mild and lovely. I can say that without fear of jinxing it now that we're into March! But I guess I love gentle, easy reading while the days are short, even if it's not terribly harsh outside.

These middle reader/young adult novels have been keeping me company the last few months (along with The Hunger Games series!). Can you believe I had never read The Hobbit before? I felt like I found my snacking tribe. I've been enjoying second breakfast and elevenses for years :)

Also, I love finding old covers to books. Anne and Gilbert look dashing here - such darling young marrieds!

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  1. Ah, so fun! I love Anne and Gilbert :) And I've actually been in a young adult novel kick lately - I can't get enough of them! Maybe I should read The Hobbit next...I think I have before, but I can't quite recall.


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