Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paris Planning: The Apartment

(via Domino)

After weeks of research, we recently booked our apartment rental in Paris! There are so many options, I thought this process would be a breeze. And, if I had wanted to spend a bit more, it would have been.

Unfortunately, I kept thinking about all the wine and cheese I could buy with that money instead! A tiny budget meant lots of studios with futons (not real beds). I mean, I don't require a super long, bright pink bed, but a futon just wouldn't do. Being in my late twenties has made me more snobby about my sleeping arrangements!

I combed through Airbnb, HomeAway and Trip Advisor. Many people seem to have good luck with Airbnb, but I found most of the apartments had kind of dark, sketchy photos. This Trip Advisor rental in a former bakery was tempting, but I didn't love the location. We wanted to be in the 9, 10 or 11th arrondissement, based almost entirely on this old Gourmet article.*

Eventually, in desperation, I took a peak at VRBO. I hadn't looked there earlier because I didn't think they did international bookings. But they do! And they had the most affordable, pretty, real-live-bed apartments. And lots of reviews! Those sway me so much (even though I never leave them, so it's sort of hypocritical, I guess). 

I'll definitely share how it works out after we return!

*Much of our trip planning is based on this old Paris issue of Gourmet. I'm mentioning this only because when planning a vacation, we usually latch on to no more than two or three magazines/articles/books total and call it day. It's too easy to get overwhelmed otherwise! Usually one of the other planning tools is the NY Times 36 hours article, too. Just thought I'd share that little tip :)


  1. oh you will LOVE it. LOVE it. I completely agree about apartments and VRBO - fav site - we even did an apt on our honeymoon - so so great when you can't fathom another meal out or having to share a teensy european hotel room for another second.

    love the planning tip - it's so easy to get overwhelmed with planning the planning :)

  2. How so very exciting! You are going to have such a great time. A couple of our friends are actually trying to plan a couples trip to South America through VRBO, so I think it's pretty legit!

  3. I am SO SO jealous -- and, as always, seriously impressed with your travel chops. Can't wait to hear about your trip & how it all turns out. Have so much fun!

  4. EEEEK!! So excited for you!! I can't wait to look through your pictures and relive my trip. We did AirBNB and it worked out like a dream! Apt share is THE way to go for Paris on a budget. Paris Paris Paris PARIS! oooh lala.

    1. Melanie, yes, YAY PARIS! Can't wait to see the rest of the posts from your trip!


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