Friday, March 23, 2012

Paris Planning: Packing

Edie purseFrill front beige trenchScalloped silk topNine West taker flatsMossimo Supply Co. white floral aquare acarf with blue pom trim3/4 boat neck sailor teeBlack skinny pants

I've been on a look out for a few new items to bring to Paris. The only thing above that I have (so far!) are the pants. They are fabulous! If you are looking for new skinny black pants, I highly recommend these. I used to be a J Crew Minnie girl, but these are my favorites now.

Isn't that pink shirt fabulous!? A friend sent me a link to Boden USA, and I'm obsessed. Has anyone ordered from there? I'm very tempted to actually order something online (I never do that - I like to try things on and see them in person).

The color theme for this trip is looking like pink, black and white. Did you see Abbey's post on the color theme she used for a trip to the Caribbean? So perfect!

Do you guys pack in themes? Or does this seem sort of crazy, and you just pick your favorite pieces to come along?


  1. I don't pack in themes but I should! This is all too cute!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  2. Travel seems to be in the air for all you lucky ducks. Another friend just posted on her blog about packing tips and, drumroll, one of them is to pack in color themes! Seems you're on to something, Julie! Here's the link to her other great tips:

    1. Love your friend's cute blog - so many good tips there!

  3. I try to pack similar color themes just so I can easily mix and match AND limit the number of shoes that need to get packed! Your outfits are so cute!

  4. love your picks - be sure to keep some room in that suitcase for paris finds!

    boden is oh-so UK, it's cute for sure, very english middle-class. their fit is pretty true to UK size, i'm assuming that boden US has adjusted their sizes? double check, if not, you'll need to adjust down two sizes (ie a UK 10 is a US 6)

    i've been planning my florida wardrobe: pink, navy and white!

  5. Wait-- you're going to Paris?!? When? Can we go shopping together sometime?


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