Tuesday, April 10, 2012

House Tour: My Parent's Sun Room + Dining Room

When I was six years old, my parents hired Earl, a seriously old man, to build a summer porch off of the kitchen. Earl terrified my two year old sister. When she would hide and cry around him, he'd point and say, "He doesn't like me very much."

Twenty years later, they decided to convert that seasonal porch into a year-round sun room. They hired another (sort of) old guy to take it down to the studs, add insulation, heating, new windows, move the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room, add cork flooring - the whole nine yards.

It took months. It was never ending! At Christmas - the original estimated time for the project to be complete - they set up a huge long table on the very incomplete porch and we ate on the unfinished floor, surrounded by festive pink insulation.

When we were home for Easter, we finally got to see the new sun room in all it's glory. They did a great job, no?

Most of the furniture is from Puritan and Home Goods, and the rugs are from the tent sale at Pine Cone Hill in the Berkshires. I picked out the sectional with my mom at the store, and we thought it looked so small in the big show room. It completely fills the space, though!

Here's the framed heart print from Rifle Paper Co. Below are the cute floral coasters.

They opened up a wall in the dining room to go into the sun room. I love how light and airy it all is now. My Mom bought those little shades and had them added to her fancy chandelier to modernize it a bit. I love the effect!

Thank you, Mom, for letting me take pictures of your house and share them on the internet :) Hope you all enjoyed this peak into the house I grew up in!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this! It is inspiring!

  2. Can we just pause for a second and soak up the loveliness of your parents' house? I have to say, I have loved your parents' house since, like, the 5th grade. So homey and wonderful. And I especially love the framed Rifle Paper print. Kudos to Mrs. B!


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