Monday, April 30, 2012

Stray Fashion Observations from Paris

During our week in Paris, I tried to pay attention to what people were wearing for clues about what will be cool for the next few years in the US. Who doesn't want to channel those darling Parisians, am I right?

A few stray  observations:
  • Messy, not-too-straight/not-too-curly hair (how do they do that?!)
  • Lots of boat neck shirts and sweaters with buttons along the collar bone
  • Geeky glasses with large, dark frames
  • Leather - jackets and pants
  • Colored pants - red, pink, orange, green and blue
  • Skinny jeans are still a thing :( I keep hoping these will disappear, ha!
  • Slightly rolled up cuffs on pants, done very casually (like this)
  • Popular color combination: orange + white + tan
  • Oxfords were everywhere 
Do you get tempted to match your clothing to the places you visit? Every summer on Martha's Vineyard, I long for more preppy stripes and florals, and every time I visit a city, I wish I had a stack of timeless neutrals. In my everyday life, I sort of waffle between the two. I so admire people that have a very defined, clear sense of personal style!


  1. Ooooh, thanks for the report! I love everything on the list (including skinny jeans - sorry!). David Sedaris has an essay in which he makes fun of a tourist for wearing a neck scarf, striped top, and beret in Paris. I'm definitely guilty of that, though - when we go down to my folks' place on the Chesapeake Bay, I go all-out with the nautical clothing.

  2. Straight off of the streets of Paris. Love this little fashion report!


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