Friday, April 27, 2012

Pretty Spring Wrap Dress

If I'm approached to review something, it's usually a product I would never use myself, let alone recommend (peach scented laundry detergent, anyone?). But a few weeks back, the cute clothing company Fresh Produce got in touch about their new spring clothing line

My mom has long been a fan of Fresh Produce, so I was familiar with the brand already (and actually already own a few pieces!). But it's not usually a shop that springs to mind for me when I'm looking for new things - I mean, it's one of my mom's favorites, after all :)

Looking through the site, I was stunned by all the cute, young-looking pieces, though. (Either that, or I'm just getting older...Let's agree that they've gotten a bit more hip, okay?) 

I toyed around with a number of sun dress and tunics, but ultimately went with this cute wrap dress in sangria. Wrap dresses are a real wardrobe work horse for me. Work, play; day, night - they can do it all. Unlike some that tie around your body like a robe, this one has fabric sew all the way around (no risk of flashing people!), but all the flattery and versatility of that style. 

It's gotten chilly again here, so I paired it with a cardigan for work yesterday. Cute, right?! I know this dress and I will share many happy days together!

Wishing you all a very happy spring weekend! We are heading to the Berkshires. Hopefully we'll get in some golf, and maybe even a visit to DreamAway. And I'll get to give my mom and sister their little gifts from Paris, yay!

P.S. I so rarely (never?) post photos of myself here, I'm feeling incredibly shy and embarrassed! How do style bloggers do it?!? 

Disclosure: The product mentioned in this post was provided to me by the stated brand for review purposes only. I was not paid to promote or endorse this product and all thoughts and ideas are truthful and reflect my opinion alone.


  1. So cute! And what a fun spring color.

  2. Fresh produce + model face = unbeatable.

  3. You look adorable! The Fresh Produce 3/4 sleeve v-neck t-shirt is a staple of my summer wardrobe.

  4. Don't be shy! It's nice to see your face again. And pretty dress.


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