Thursday, May 24, 2012

Golfing Girl

1. J Crew Chino Short 2.Woven Webbing Belt  3. Tory Burch Ruffle Polo 4. Maxfli Women's Golf Balls 5. Full finger mesh golf glove 6.PUMA Women's Golf Shoes

I started taking golf lessons last week, and I am super into it. I love being a student - getting instructions from an expert, being around new people, getting praise for my work. There's probably something deeper here that's related to being married to a teacher, but let's not go there.

A few tips on my favorite golf stuff:

  • Shorts - not the time for booty shorts. You will feel like a newbie if you wear too-short shorts (speaking from experience!). I like 5-7 inch inseams. However, this is the time to go for the crazy colors and patterned stuff you might not wear in every day life. All is fair game on the golf course!
  • Maxfli balls are my favorite. I have ones that are sparkly like diamonds that feel extra lucky, but I couldn't find them online. Snap 'em if you find them in a store! They will be your faves. Also, don't use pink balls. Another newbie give-away ;)
  • I like gloves that have mesh on the back - they keep your hand from getting too hot and ick. 
  • This is probably just me, but I like to always have snacks on hand (not just when golfing, so this is almost definitely just me). Almonds, skittles, crackers - anything non-melty works well. Golf takes a while and you might get peckish!
That's all I've got! Any other golfing girl tips to share?!


  1. a hat/visor! sunscreen that isn't slippery - wouldn't want that getting on the grip now! and a cute water bottle - hydration is key. i agree with you, the golf course is definitely about looking cute :) and those shorts are perfect!

  2. Yes to all of those - awesome tips!

  3. Such cute golf gear & I'd love to get some professional lessons myself!

    And pink balls? I'm so guilty!!! But I've lost them all, so now I'm past them! ;)

    1. Ha! I've lost many, many golf balls - including pinks. I'm totally guilty, too!

  4. You make me want to dust off my clubs and hit up the course. Fun!


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