Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Sunday Dinner: Mahi Mahi with Basil, Nectarines and Corn

This is the start a new series on the blog! Throughout the summer, I'll be sharing a peak at our Sunday dinners. That is when our most pretty, fun cooking takes place, and I want to have a record of all that good stuff. It will usually (probably) be a menu list without real recipes, or just links to recipes I used. I hope you enjoy it!

The main dish here was inspired by a Dorie recipe that used scallops instead of fish. Mahi Mahi fillets were on sale at my grocery store and looked beautiful, so I decided they would work just as well. Any thick fish, like tuna steaks or swordfish, would be great.

Peter sprinkled the fillets generously with salt, pepper and olive oil, and I did the same to halved and pitted nectarines. Then he worked his usual magic with the grill.

While the fish and nectarines were grilling, I cooked a little rice, steamed the corn and cut it off the cob, made a healthy batch of the garlic lime dressing linked below (probably 1.5x the original), and cut my basil leaves into cute little threads. Then everything got stacked together! Make sure you eat bites of corn, fish and nectarine all together - it's a heavenly combination.

Happy start of summer eating to you!!

Summer Sunday Dinner - Late May Mahi Mahi


  1. This looks gorgeous! (and salty caramel ice cream ftw!)

    1. That salty caramel ice cream? Best thing I've ever made. You will not regret it!!!

  2. Love this new series!! Looks delish!


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