Friday, June 1, 2012

Early Reader

This cute little guy is Peter and his grandpa on vacation in Hawaii! We actually visited this beach when we went to the Big Island on our honeymoon. Last weekend in Connecticut, I snapped a picture of the photo at my mother-in-law's house. I'm so happy to have it!

Cheers to a June weekend filled with water, sand and a good book! I'm reading this at the moment and can hardly tear myself away. (Though you were perhaps expecting a link to this, weren't you?! ;)


  1. so please let us know about 50 shades of grey - i'm not sure i have the stomach for such a read...and i can't recommend rules of civility enough - LOVED that book!

  2. Julie, that book (Civility, not Grey...) looks so great! Thanks for the recommendation--keeps the book club feeling going even tho you're far away :)

  3. The book you are reading sounds great! I may have to choose that as my book club pick next time. I'm pretty sure someone will be picking 50 Shades of Gray very soon for our bookclub.

    Great pic :) I love seeing pics of my man when he was younger.

  4. Ladies, I finished RULES OF CIVILITY yesterday. So wonderful! You would all love it. (And Brie, I think I initially learned about it from you!)


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