Friday, May 4, 2012

Loving Lately

An amazing mash-up of 100 years of whistling in pop songs! Truly amazing, no? I brag a lot about my whistling skills (What? I'm good.) -- but this guy is unreal.

I always wish I knew more about art, and visiting all those museums in Paris really reignited that desire. We started watching The Impressionists with Tim Marlow this week. Are your eyes skimming over this?! It's really good, I swear! I love being able to say things like, "Look at the progression of his brush strokes throughout his career!" (In my head only.)

A girlfriend pinned a bunch of cute stuff the other day, and I assumed it was Anthro. I clicked anyway because sometimes you just want to lust after some Anthro, you know? But it wasn't! It was Spool72. Have you heard of it? Super cute and reasonable to boot. To boot! Let's use that more.

Weekend things:

  • The perfect margarita.
  • Placing bets! I think I'm going with Dullaham. You?
  • Museums on Us weekend if you're with BofA. We might hit up the MFA!

Lastly, thank you for your very kind comments and emails about my last post. I was nervous about hitting publish (as excited as I am, I am also sort of embarrassed?). Anyways, you are lovely readers, and I am very lucky indeed.

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