Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rockport, MA

We spent the day out in Rockport over the weekend. I had read about Roy Moore Lobster Co. and thought it might be worth a visit.

The weather was just warm enough to enjoy sitting out on the back deck. We got two steamed lobsters and  an order of clam chowder. If you're looking for something slightly more upscale (key word being "slightly"), they have a real restaurant down the street, too. I'm sure the food is just as wonderful!

We wandered around the town for a bit (I had to snap a pic of this store selling Fresh Produce!). It winds on and on - much bigger than I thought when we initially got there. Lots of art galleries and ice cream shops. I loved wandering through the Bearskin Neck Country Store - so many great old fashioned games and candies.

Later in the afternoon, we drove a few miles out to Halibut Point State Park. There's a short trail that leads to a giant granite quarry. I kept thinking, "I wonder how many counter tops are sitting here!" I might be reading too many design blogs.

Beyond that, there's a bit more trail, and then lots of rocks, and finally the ocean! We settled in and soaked in that beautiful salty air. A few cute seals even swam by us!

The sun hadn't been out all week in Boston, and I think people went a little nuts with the temperature soaring over 60 degrees. That couple to the right in the last photo were hanging out in their bathing suits! Ooooh, New England.


  1. YAY! I love Rockport! We used to go there as kids to quarry dive all the time! And that lobster looks delicious!

    1. You swam in the quarry?!?! That is so neat! Now there are signs all over warning people not to go in the water :(

  2. Oh, Rockport is so charming. I love browsing the shops in Bearskin Neck. And the state park is lovely.

  3. "How many counter tops are sitting here"! Haha...you are a riot.

  4. fresh clam chowder, by the coast. AND lobster. Yum and yum! Sounds like a great day... and hanging out in swimsuits when it's in the 60s - chilly!


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