Thursday, May 10, 2012

2nd Anniversary: China

1. Wickford Sandpiper Hors d'Oeuvers Tray 2. Fifth Avenue Dessert Plate 3. Butterfly Bloom Tea Caddy  4. Emblem lock vide poche 5. Cuckoo Two Tier Cake Stand

The easiest way to do China for the second anniversary is, of course, to pick up a piece of your wedding China. If we were really going to splurge, I would want this gorgeous piece of our China. Gosh, I love that thing! It's practically a plane ticket abroad, though :)

We are not going that route (obviously). Instead, I already found the perfect thing while shopping in Paris! I'll show them to you when our anniversary gets closer - we're waiting until then to put our fun gift to use!

I have to ask - do you guys do the traditional wedding anniversary gifts (or are you planning to?). Peter finds the whole thing to be pretty mystifying, but he goes along with it for me.

P.S. Cotton and Paper!


  1. I think the traditional anniversary gifts are fun, but we don't do that... However we've come up with a fun alternative! Our anniversary is two dats before Valentines day & instead of gifts for either occasion we've started the tradition of taking an annual trip, just the two of us, to celebrate.

    We'll alternate fancier trips with road trips to lee it affordable. This year, our first anniversary, we went to San Francisco, so next year we'll probably just go somewhere closer.

    1. I love the anniversary vacation tradition! I think a lot of people make it a priority to go away around that time, and I think it's such a great idea.


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