Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Sunday Dinner: Pasta Primavera

Throughout the summer, I am sharing a peak at our Sunday dinners. That is when our most pretty, fun cooking takes place, and this is a record of all that good stuff. I hope you enjoy!

My mom and I went to a Farmer's Market in the Berkshires over the weekend. In the parking lot, we tried to talk ourselves down: "It will probably be mostly plants..." and "There might some early lettuce - we'll just have to see." 

Instead, it was an embarrassment of farm-fresh riches. We went a little nuts! Sugar snap peas, broccoli, cucumber, ramps, radishes, lettuce, goat cheese and two kinds of mushrooms all came home with us. To make use of that amazing bounty, we had pasta primavera for dinner on Sunday night. 

Sunday Summer Dinner: Farmer's Market Pasta Primavera
  • Baby lettuce salad with sliced radishes and cucumber
  • Pasta Primavera (I basically use the method in this recipe to make the vegetables and sauce)
  • Coffee ice cream 

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