Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Sunday Dinner: Smokin' Bones

Throughout the summer, I am sharing a peak at our Sunday dinners. That is when our most pretty, fun cooking takes place, and this is a record of all that good stuff. I hope you enjoy! 

Eeks! This was a good one, you guys.

I gave Peter a smoker for Christmas, and with the exception of one crazy winter afternoon spent lovingly tending ribs, it languished in our basement. Until Sunday!

On Saturday night, Peter covered a rack of ribs with a dry rub recipe from this book (a must-buy if you have a smoker!). On Sunday around noon, he fired up the smoker and waited for it to come up to 225 degrees. Then those ribs hit the grill! We live in an apartment, and I was worried about filling up the neighborhood (and our landlords apartment above us) with a strong, smoky scent for hours on end. But after the initial lighting of the charcoal, it was pretty contained. 

The best thing about this meal is that I really don't love ribs. But I love these ribs. Lightly smokey, lightly spicy, and amazingly tender.

Sunday Summer Dinner: Smoked Ribs
  • Dry-rubbed smoked ribs
  • Kale, broccoli and carrot slaw (like this one)
  • Cheesy feta pasta bake with radish greens and ramp pesto
  • Roasted sour cherry and dark chocolate ice cream (more on this to come!!!)


  1. oh your sunday dinners always look so amazing...i'm sure they taste amazing too!

  2. These look amazing, Julie. I want to know more about the sides.....

    1. Thank you! Here are a few random ramblings about those sides:

      For the slaw I threw all this into my food processor: 3 leaves kale, 1 carrot, 2 stems (?) ramps, 1 small head broccoli, big spoonful of pickled red onions. For dressing, whisk: big spoonful of Dijon, medium spoonful of mayo and Greek yogurt, healthy splash of olive oil, splash of red wine vinegar, s&p (suuuuuuper exact measurements :)

      For that pesto, I sauteed radish greens (you really have rinse these guys well - very dirty) super fast and then put them in the processor with 3 stems of ramps, a big glug of olive oil and a spoonful of cream cheese just for fun. I stirred together the cooked (corn) pasta with the pesto, a big chunk of crumbled feta, some goat cheese, some cheddar, and the grated a bit of Parm on top. Poured milk and a little cream until I could just see it on the sides of the baking dish (does that make sense? I never bother with full-on cream sauces anymore, this is easier!). Baked for 30 mins at 350.

      Can't wait to see your smokey ribs soon!!!


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