Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boston Walk-about

New England threw us a cool weather curve ball, so we didn't make it the beach this weekend after all. Instead, we did something we do far too infrequently - took a long, meandering walk around Boston.

We started by the Christian Science Church. For months, we drove by this amazing complex without knowing what it was. I was always curious about the inside of the church. Quite lovely.

We ended at SOWA. Good grief, I loved that place! Fried pickles, cute stationery, fresh corn - who could blame me. I started naming everyone I want to take there next time they visit, and eventually Peter said, "You're just naming everyone we know..." True that. But everyone will love it so!


  1. oh those sunflowers - and that quote. makes me want to visit! i love getting a peek into someone's city through their eyes!

  2. If I'm ever lucky enough to go to Boston again, I'm going to go to SOWA!

    1. Oh, Ann, you would absolutely love it! It would remind you of Eastern Market, but with a few more brick-and-mortar stores in the midst. So much fun!


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