Thursday, August 2, 2012

Loving Lately

This book is pure magic. If you enjoyed The Time Traveler's Wife and Water for Elephants, you should read The Night Circus.

I have been wearing my Jack Rogers sandals all summer long. I've convinced myself that they go with absolutely everything . Jack Rogers ballet flats might help lessen the blow of cooler temps and the bustle of back to school time that's just around the corner. But only might! Summer, please don't come to an end!

I can't shut about the fact that I'm watching season three of Dawson's Creek on Netflix, but it has been making me so happy. Pacey + Joey, falling in love. Need I say more?! Alright then: Henry + Jen, Jack going on dates, scary EVE, and so much more. Re-watch it, and then email me, okay? We have a lot to gush about.

Lovely links:

What are you loving lately?


  1. I'm adding that book to my list of books to read! I'm also loving summer this year, despite the fact that it's gotten way to hot (110 in Oklahoma!). I feel that it's slipping away much too quickly!!

  2. Oh, I am a HUGE fan of both The Time Traveler's Wife and Water for Elephants. Thanks for the new recommendation!


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