Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Easy Entertaining: Drinks + Dessert

Last week friends came over for the most perfect evening of low-key summer fun. They came by around 8:00 p.m., just as it was getting cool and breezy. Peter made dark and stormies, and my girlfriend brought over fresh berries and cream. We sat outside (it looked just like the above :), chattering away about beach days and what we were cooking lately.

There was no rush to cook and then cool off, since we had all eaten something light and quick before getting together. I admitted that I felt badly not making everyone dinner, but they immediately brushed it off (and I regretted saying that - never apologize when entertaining!).

So, here's what you do (and how you can avoid my mislaid guilt). Invite friends over last minute - no more than a day or two ahead, and all the better, I think, if you can pull something off for the very same night. (We all want to yes to more fun, right?) Put a bottle of wine in the fridge, or pick up a six-pack of beer, or have the makings for one - and only one - fun cocktail. Serve everyone the same thing, and sit outside, or under the whirl of your air conditioner.Toast to summer, and then toast again to seeing friends more often.

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  1. Such great advice. I think a lot of people (myself included) avoid entertaining because we put pressure on ourselves to make it a big TO DO (& that's just not practical for all the time)!

    Fun & easy entertaining is usually the most fun anyhow!


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