Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Sunday Dinner: Arctic Char and Gnocchi with Beet Green Pesto

When Peter was out of town last week, I made a summery version of this dish for myself. Instead of creamed greens, I made a pesto with blanched beet greens, goat cheese, lemon and a bit of olive oil. Instead of peas, I added some corn cut off the cob, and threw some chopped basil on top. It was so good, Peter and I had it again this week!

I know I don't usually subject you to photos of my salads (which we have almost every day), but this one looked so pretty to me! I think its the golden beets, brightening everything up.

Summer Sunday Dinner: Warm Weather Gnocchi 

  • Field green salad with golden beets and goat cheese
  • Arctic Char and gnocchi with beet green pesto
  • Raspberry swirl ice cream (I skipped the corn this time, and I'll be honest - not my favorite from her book. Maybe the corn makes all the difference?)

1 comment:

  1. Julie-- these Sunday suppers are continuously making me jealous. I need to learn how to cook!


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