Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Doesn't get much better

We had a lovely time in Philadelphia this weekend! It's such a charming city. And while we were there, it happened to be filled with a bunch of friends, so it really doesn't get much better. The pictures above were taken on our walk through Rittenhouse Square to St. Patrick's Church.

The church was stunning (and also super hot that day). We survived!

After the ceremony, we were able to meet up with dear friends - Adam and Ashley (of Meet Me in Philadelphia!) at Devil's Alley. We sat on the second floor by the wide open windows and got to hear all about their fantastic trip to Scandinavia, which she's recapping on her blog this week. As a warning, reading it will most definitely make you want to book the next flight to Stockholm.

The reception was held at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Such a beautiful spot! And I am happy to report that almost all the female guests wore different dresses to the reception. Everything was flawless. A few of my favorite details included the sushi chef preparing fresh rolls during the cocktail hour, a live artist (pictured above) painting the party as it was unfolding (!), and a gelato cart rolled in at the end of the dance-filled night. So much fun!

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  1. Um, a gelato cart?! Why didn't I think of that! It was so wonderful seeing you and I'm so pleased you had a great weekend here!


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