Monday, September 10, 2012

Like clockwork

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Each summer, I lose myself to reading, cocktails, beach trips, and grilled seafood. And every September, like clockwork, I'm drawn again to making soup, roasting chicken, hosting friends, and sewing. I always wonder if that crafty tug will pull again when I'm in the thick of summer fun. It always does.

Our bedroom is not really finished (evidenced by this long ago post - I have done exactly nothing that I intended to do then :) I spent a lot of time looking for new Euro shams, until it recently dawned on me that I can sew those with no trouble at all. I love these two fabrics, but I wonder if the floral is a bit too orange? I may just be having an autumnal moment with it. My duvet is a very, very pale pink, I have white curtains, and this braided rug in the bedroom. It could use a little floral + geometric print, right? 

Anybody else finding themselves bitten by the crafty bug these days? 


  1. Um, YES! There's nothing like the fall to get me inspired to "nest" once more. And sewing is my main hobby when the weather becomes cold. GREAT fabric choices!! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your projects come together.

    (Oh, and of course, it was LOVELY to see you this weekend!)

  2. I'm feeling especially crafty these days myself! I want to knit and sew and decorate our home like nobody's business. :) Cant' wait to see what you craft up!


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