Friday, September 7, 2012

Diva Wedding Guest

We are heading to Philadelphia this weekend for our first wedding of the season. Can you believe that?! We're getting old (aka - lots of friends are married and moving on to babies already!). The bride is a wedding planner, so I'm extra excited to check out all the fun details she's surely incorporated into the day.

I am going all diva wedding guest and wearing two different dresses! I think I have a good reason, though - the ceremony and reception are five hours apart. You kind of have to be a diva in that situation, right? My nighttime dress seems too dressy for one o'clock...I wish I had roommates to consult with in person for this conundrum!

I hope you all have a wonderful September weekend! Hopefully there will be a glass or two of Prosecco for one and all :)


  1. we wanna see the dresses!!!!!!!!

    1. I wish I could! They are both ancient :) If I'm feeling brave, I'll post a few pictures from the (absolutely beautiful!) wedding.


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