Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Sunday Dinner: Back to School Feast

Throughout the summer, I am sharing a peak at our Sunday dinners. That is when our most pretty, fun cooking takes place, and this is a record of all that good stuff. I hope you enjoy! 

The back to school feast serves a larger purpose than just celebrating the end of summer. It's also a distraction to fight against first day of school jitters. This was a drawn out dinner that we ate in courses throughout the night.

First, the fig and olive tapenade. I added a bit of thyme, a teaspoon of capers, 1/2 teaspoon of anchovy paste, and a giant squeeze of lemon to mine. This is now my go-to appetizer. Ten minutes to make, with all pantry-ready items? Perfecto.

Peter made cocktails with muddled peaches and basil and rum, and I threw together the peach tart. After a while, we switched to rosé, set up the steamer for our little lobsters, and grilled the onions and peaches for salad. 

I've written before about lingering and eating long, drawn-out meals when guests are with us, but it turns out that it just as nice a practice when it's the two of us. Something good to remember as this summer Sunday dinner series draws to a close.

And just like that, we are back in school-mode.


  1. looks lovely! will be breaking out that tapenade at some point!

  2. What a great end of summer meal! Lobster sounds divine!!! Everything does actually.


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