Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coaching Day at The Mount

Yesterday was Coaching Day at The Mount. The coach owners dressed the part, and very nicely answered questions about their horses and carriages. And I got to pet one! He had a long tail down almost to the ground. (High maintenance pony!)

Can you even imagine owning one of these?!

We took a quick little walk around, remembering different spots we had wedding photos taken, like the shot above at the edge of the woods. It was filled with ferns in July; now the floor is covered in leaves. I'm thrilled that we had a summer wedding, of course, but autumn in the Berkshires is truly special.


  1. I've said it before (in July 20120) and I'll say it again: the Mount is such a special spot. How fun that you went back this weekend!

    I love the striped woolen blankets that the horses are wearing!

  2. Those striped blankets are amazing--and I love the painted coaches. What a fun day, Julie!

  3. Aren't those blankets cute?! And they matched the leaves so perfectly!


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