Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dinner Party Times Two

Peter and I are hosting two large dinner parties over the weekend. One for eight on Friday night, and another for a different eight on Saturday night. Oh my!

For Friday, we've settled on cottage pie and a giant salad. On Saturday, we'll serve cassoulet and a giant salad. I'm going to make two homemade ice creams this week, and serve those at both. No matter how many people we have coming over for dinner, I always do the same basic thing for appetizers - a platter with cheese, salumi, nuts, olives, and crackers.

In a strange way, it feels almost easier to do them both back to back, buying and making everything times two and then swapping out the main dish! We'll see if I'm singing the same tune in the aftermath next week :)

Anybody hosting Thanksgiving next week? We get to be guests on Thanksgiving, but I feel like I'm getting my fix of cooking for a crowd over the weekend!


  1. this is medal worthy.

    hope it goes well, but i think you've done a good thing picking simple but flavourful dishes instead of complicated things. it's the same reason i go back to the roast dinner again and again, it's so easy!

    good luck!

  2. Sounds like a good game plan!! Have fun!


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