Thursday, December 13, 2012

All is Bright

I took the 8:30 train this morning into work, instead of my usual 7:55. Only, I didn't officially decide to take the later one until 7:52. I was all ready to go, and then I just didn't leave. Thirty minutes of unexpected time at home! I watered my tree, finished my coffee, read some blogs. Stolen time is glorious time.

*     *     * 

We've decided on Montreal for our winter trip. A few years back we toyed around with going to Canada, and now it's happening! I'm excited to be getting a fake-Paris fix. We have lots of restaurants on our list (too many!), but we could probably use a few activities to do in between all that eating. If you have a favorite museum or attraction, please share!

P.S. Happy Santa Lucia Day! Any Kirsten fans in the house? I wanted the opportunity to wear a crown with candles so bad when I was a kid. 


  1. You could totally pass for Kirsten. And honestly, going to Sweden in September made me really want to switch my heritage to Swedish so I could celebrate St. Lucia's Day (and all the other Swedish Christmas traditions) like she did.

  2. You will LOVE Montreal! And, yes, I have a Kirsten doll packed away in our basement. Hoping a future daughter gives me a reason to bring her back out :)

  3. Love that you all are Kirsten fans! She really was the best. Trust you all have seen this gem?

  4. Just check restaurant hours and holidays since some restos take time off this season! Try skating, wandering St-Denis or St-Laurent in the Plateau, Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), nightly light show at Place des Arts, Pointe-à-Callière archeology museum...

    1. We have seen a few restaurants are closed around that time, but have found a few wonderful looking spots that are open (and take reservations!). Thank you very much for your activities suggestions - these all look fantastic!


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