Friday, March 22, 2013

Five things

This posts feels more self-indulgent than usual. As a blogger, isn't most of you write inconsequential little tidbits about yourself? But I've so enjoyed reading other people's posts, so I'm happy to play along (albeit belatedly!), thanks to Rachael's invitation.

1. You could possibly tell this already, but I am a bit of a goody-two-shoes. I was voted Class Angel in high school, programs like D.A.R.E. really worked on me, and I hardly ever swear. I'm still scandalized to learn about things Peter did in high school that really weren't so scandalous at all. It's terrifying to imagine having teenage children someday for these very reasons.

2. Goody-two shoes tendencies aside, I am sort of a terrible driver. Speeding, tailgating, rolling stops; this is also when the occasional swearing takes place. Don't be too scared, though, because I hardly ever drive.

3. I love personality tests, horoscopes, team building activities, and ice breakers. Hence, I can easily rattle off that I'm an ENFP7, Cancer, Virgo rising, air hands, and otter :)

4. Finding a photo to accompany this post was a strange process - I so rarely share photos here, it feels like a statement when I do (I realize that's crazy). I've been thinking a lot about personal photos since reading this. Not sure where I've landed, but Gabrielle poses some interesting questions about confidence and being comfortable enough to snap (and share!) photos of yourself.

5. Let's end with a bang! I have an impressive ability to cross my eyes, then ping pong them back and forth independent of one other, like a pendulum. This drives Peter insane! So, obviously, I do it way too much. Ha!

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have a lovely first spring weekend (though we're still firmly in winter's grasp here in Boston). I'm going to buy asparagus anyways - I'm past caring that it's from Peru.

Also, I think you all should post your own five things! I'd love to read them. Or just take some personality tests from the links above and tell me what you are - perfect Friday afternoon activity, right?!


  1. It's so rare to see a photo of you. You look great! (I was quite a goody two shoes in high school, too. Which is probably why we got along so well when we first met.) Hope all is well!

  2. I have to admit, I just broke down and bought asparagus too! It was calling my name--and it was delicious. Thank you, Peru!

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  4. You should definitely post more personal photos and photos of yourself! :) So good to put your face to your words.

    Enjoyed your 5 things...I should play along.

  5. you make me laugh out loud.

    i heart you.

    i miss you.

    i love that I know about your ping pong eye balls.

    teenagers, humph. too bad they dont stay babies!


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