Thursday, April 4, 2013

A dark cloud

(Outside the Gardner, where we went to temporarily escape our funk)

A dark cloud is hanging over us. In the last month, we've lost two bids on houses - the second one just yesterday. It was a darling house, cuter than cute. We would have loved to live in it. Inventory is incredibly low in the Boston suburbs these days, and it's easy to find yourself wanting to bid way too much for a darling but small house that needs a lot in the way of updating. It can start to feel like your playing with Monopoly money.

Everyone who has a house always says these things happen for a reason - that the right house for you comes along at the right time. But it's so hard to be patient, and then have to swing into action incredibly quickly.

Enough about that, though. Tonight we're going to improv night at Peter's school (I love getting to spy on his students!), and this weekend we have a 30th birthday party to attend, and maybe some golf balls to hit. I also need to wrap up a paper on historical fiction, which I've come to be very critical of indeed! Remember when you're older brother came home from his first semester at college after he received a B- in Psych 101? And he was totally into explaining how psychologically flawed your whole family was? I'm at that annoying place, too - I've got just enough children's lit knowledge to be dangerous :) Ha!

Hope it is sufficiently April-like in your locale! (I was going to complain about our abyssmal weather here, but I stopped myself. You're welcome!!!)


  1. Oh, Julie! Good luck with the house buying process, it can be so frustrating! I totally understand that Monopoly-money feeling, but Devin and I were just talking yesterday about how if we had bought one of the co-ops that we bid on we would now be sad and broke (but with a huge apartment). So the waiting is worth it . . .

  2. While I don't purport to be an expert on the matter, I do know home buying is very stressful and, at times, can be really disappointing. The only other experience I can equate with this kind of feeling is dating. At first you have stars in your eyes and all the hope in the world that it will work out, but sometimes situations just don't. You're left sad, wondering when the "right one" will come along. Just like with love, it will happen and the right house will come along.

    So I guess that's all to say this: add me to the list of people who insist that things will work out for the better in their own time. And think of how truly excited and satisfied you will feel when you place a bid on the "right one" and you and Peter get to call it yours!

  3. Thank you both so much for chiming in :) It's so nice to hear from friends who are on the other side of making such a big purchase!

    I agree, it is TOTALLY like dating - everyone with a boyfriend tells you there's someone great out there waiting for you! And it's so hard to believe them. Ha! But I know in the case of the house, it will definitely be true (someday).

  4. Its been way way way too long since I have read this and I was just about to email about houses... bummer.. but you are exactly right... happens for a reason! Chin up buttercup!


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