Monday, June 3, 2013

Made it to the good part

(Please take note of the water temp - Peter still went in!)

(The couple that wears Lilly bathing suites together, stays awesome together. And yes, I have a window in my shower...)

I feel like shouting out in my loudest blogging voice, "Summer is here! We made it to the good part!" Around this time each year, I can't shake the feeling that we are right on the cusp of everything fun. Dark and stormies, Tanglewood concerts, fireworks, open windows, too many burgers, a long list of great things to read, action movies inside icy theaters, a new batch of ice cream churning every Sunday. Perfection, all of it.

The car has been christened with its first dusting of sand. Yesterday we went to Crane for the first time this season. It was windy and hot and glorious. We walked out to the far right of the beach, all the way to the tip, and I tried to soak it all in. Days like yesterday are what I think about in January when I'm freezing and it's dark outside at 5:00 p.m.

After the beach we stopped at Russell Orchards, where I bought literally everything they had on offer - a leafy head of Romaine, long, green scallions, cute pink and purple radishes, and two cider donuts. For dinner, Peter grilled turkey burgers and whisked together a sage aioli to go on top, and I used some of the scallions in a sweet potato salad. Then there was lemon ice cream and catching up on Game of Thrones while a storm rolled in, making the curtains in the living room blow around wildy, and do you see what I mean?

Perfection, all of it.


  1. I love summer and all it's finery too! I'm digging your East Coast pictures...I find it so interesting how different West Coast and East Coast beaches are. Both beautiful in their own ways.

  2. The exuberance in your voice is absolutely infectious!


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