Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stick Together

This past year, our wedding day has started to feel bit further back in the distance to me, a little fuzzy around the edges. Instead of having specific ideas about escort cards and welcome bags, I found myself just nodding along when I listened to engaged people explain the details of their wedding. I still love hearing about all those details, but I no longer have any advice to offer up (this is undoubtably a good thing, as engaged people usually don't want married people's advice). But I still can't help myself from sharing the best bit of advice we got before our wedding, which was given to us by dear friends who were newlyweds themselves: On your wedding day, stick together.

They prefaced it by saying, "I know this will sound a little intense, but if you don't make a conscience effort to stay near eachother throughout the wedding, the day will go by and you won't have spent it together." I now say the same exact thing, admitting that it does sound sort of intense.

I've come to believe that this advice also translates beautifully into post-wedding days together; at least, it has for us. Life will sometimes be intense, but stick together. In doing so, we get to experience all the magic that our wedding day contained - joy, happiness, friendships, fear, families, annoyances, disappointment, beauty, nervousness, and so much fun - spread out over the course of all our days, together.

Happy anniversary, Peter. I'm so happy you're the one I get to stick with.

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