Monday, August 26, 2013

Sending the Carpet Bagging

This is the long narrow bedroom I mentioned earlier - beautiful contact paper covering the walls!

Last weekend after we came home from a blissful two weeks of vacation, we ran right over the new house. We hadn't spent much time there since closing, and moving day is fast approaching. We needed to make it a bit more livable, especially upstairs.

We went armed with carpet removal supplies - pry bars, flat head screwdrivers, pliers, utility knives, and dust masks.

Pulling up the actual carpet was a breeze, and super satisfying. Your floors are revealed! We have a dumpster outside at the moment for the other work that's being done in the house, so we threw all the old rugs and padding right in there.

Not a glamorous job...

What comes after the carpets are gone is way worse - hours spent pulling up the carpet tack strip and hundreds of stubborn staples that were scattered all around. Our backs were so sore by the end!

I cleaned them up later with Bona floor cleaner, so the floors now look slightly better than they do above. But because we're going to be shifting walls around up there in the not-so-distant future, we're not worrying about them too much. After that work is done, we'll see if we can patch and have them re-finished, or we'll put new hardwood down.

But for now, it's no longer a pink and green allergy fest! Thank goodness.

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  1. What's the color of your carpet and wallpaper in the 3rd photo exactly? I'm moving into a new house and these colors are perfect! x


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