Friday, August 23, 2013

Martha's Vineyard: The New

Since I've already posted so much about Martha's Vineyard in the past, I'm just going to give a quick run-down of all the new stuff we did this year! And then share a million pictures in subsequent posts.

  • Lucky Hank's is a new spot in Edgartown we went to for breakfast (instead of Art Cliff - we're still mad at them for messing up a bunch of time last year). The food and coffee are tasty. The dining area feels like you're sitting on someone's porch, which is nice and intimate.
  • Royal and Ancient Links is an old 9-hole golf course on Chappy that's recently been opened up to the public. It's Scottish-style golf with lots of obstructions, even though the holes are short. Brad and Kent, the brothers who run the course, are charming and funny. Don't forget your cash! And maybe your own beer for after you play :) You can sit on the deck of the Crow Bar to drink it.
  • Martha's Vineyard Ag Fair is getting its own post of adorable photos :) Quirky and fun, including awesome events like pig races!
  • State Road has been on our to-try list for years, and we finally snagged a reservation this year. The service was wonderful, and every bite - literally, from start to finish - was delightful and inventive. Highly recommend.
  • Lure is right near South Beach. We went in for a drink and some Parmesan fries after our Edgartown house tour (which was to die for!). Great spot for a fun drink (but don't pop in in your beach garb!). 

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