Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Martha's Vineyard: Exteriors and Gardens

My house is still crazy looking, so I thought it would be a fun day to mentally transport to the meticulous exteriors of the houses on Martha's Vineyard!

I want to paint the ceiling of my back porch blue - much paler than this, but you get the idea. And I loved that arched doorways below; so pretty.

I also want to eventually add those white balustrade things to the flat roof in the front of the house. Cute, right? All I need is my roof back.

How was everyone's long weekend?! We did make it up to the Berkshires. Remember when I said something about jinxing the entire region?! Well, we went to Tanglewood on Saturday night to see Harry Connick on the lawn, and a huge, long, loud thunderstorm rolled in. But! There was room inside the Shed, so we were all shuttled in there, and it was terribly lucky, actually.

Also, just in case you're dying of curiosity about the Box Spring Fiasco of 2013, we successfully folded them and brought them to the second floor, thanks to Anne's comment in the last post! This is a really helpful step-by-step tutorial.

Happy September to all!

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