Monday, September 9, 2013

Loving Lately

There's kind of a sub-genre of historical fiction geared toward women that starts with "the" at the moment (Exhibit A and B). Strange, no? The latest I've read in this category is The Chaperone. In the summer of 1922, a soon-to-be starlet and her middle-aged chaperone trapeze around New York. I developed great affection for the heroine (and a mixed bag of emotions for the complicated Louise Brooks). This is a good book to ease you into more serious reading for fall :)

I seriously can't believe I haven't shared my love of Fringe here before, because it's been going strong for months. We are currently wrapping up the fourth season, and I'm eagerly awaiting the fifth on Netflix. If you liked Lost and X Files, I think you'll enjoy this one, too. Plus, PACEY WITTER!!!

I've never purchased address labels before because my apartments always felt so temporary (even though I lived in some for years!). Now that we're more settled with the house, I want one of these brilliant self-inking stamps. (I always strategically put something in here that I want you all to encourage me to buy. I totally need this, right?!?)

A few other things I'm excited about:
  • Do you all follow New Yorker writer David Grann on twitter? He posts the very best stuff. 
  • As soon as my front steps are no longer in the midst of a construction zone, I want mums and polka dot pumpkins
  • Next weekend, I want attempt these button-up window shades for the back porch. Right on schedule, I'm ready to sew again!


  1. Awwwww...I love your idea of the address stamp. Yes, YOU NEED IT! I hope this pushes you over the edge to order it.

    P.S. Adam loved "Fringe"!

  2. You most definitely need that stamp!!


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