Sunday, September 15, 2013

Walls + Windows

Last week we turned a bit of a corner in the renovation. Instead of just pulling (wrong) things apart, they started putting things back together again. It's incredibly satisfying to see some progress! Our new front windows were installed, the outside walls were put back on, and the roof was added. I think (hope!) that this week, the sliding glass doors will finally be coming down!

Because of all that progress, we got to do a bit of shopping for fun stuff over the weekend. We're going to have the entryway tiled. I initially was thinking slate - I like the look of it, and feel like it's sort of timeless. But our contractor told us that it requires a pretty toxic sealant on it that gives off dangerous gas for quite a while. He pushed us to think about a matte porcelain instead. I found this one online, so we went to the store over the weekend to take a sample home. I actually don't understand if it's ceramic or porcelain based on the name, but I'm hoping it's good. I think it has the feel of slate, but a bit lighter and more yellow (though that doesn't really come through in this picture).

We also got to pick out a new exterior door (our current one isn't weather-proofed!). I think we're leaning toward this one. I think it fits well with the Dutch colonial style of house - it's sort of modern barn-ish, right? I might be thinking about this too much, haha. This is what we're thinking about for the door between the entry and the hallway - just light and airy, but something we could close off if we wanted to.

That's all the progress on the home front! I hope I'll be able to check in again soon with something a bit more exciting :)

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  1. This is so exciting! I like the tile you've chosen--and it's good to know that sealing slate is a dangerous business. I never would have known that.

    Can't wait to see your new front door and the sliding doors removed!


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